Articles on the Arrest of General Saad El Shazly

The Coming American War against Iran, Its Outlook and Impact

14 February 2006

A look at The American Wars:After the dismantlement of The Former Soviet Union, and after the United States of America had become the single superpower in the new world order, The USA launched five wars against a number of Third World countries, which the US called rogue countries. One important reason for these wars, is...

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The Israeli Nuclear Threat (Saturday 29 May 1998)

29 May 1998

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) applies only to the weak. The Arabs now have the opportunity to withdraw from the NPT General Saad El Shazly in an interview with the “people” Saturday 29 May 1998. Egyptian newspapers and international news agencies published last Monday by one of the Israeli military leaders that Israel has adopted...

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