The Israeli Nuclear Threat (Saturday 29 May 1998)

29 May 1998

The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) applies only to the weak. The Arabs now have the opportunity to withdraw from the NPT

General Saad El Shazly in an interview with the “people” Saturday 29 May 1998.

Egyptian newspapers and international news agencies published last Monday by one of the Israeli military leaders that Israel has adopted the policies of force with the countries of the Middle East.

While the point where most of the international analysis and reports for strategic Studies that Israel has pushed in the process of developing its nuclear power to the extent it was not expected that they will reach it.

Can Israel use nuclear force against Egypt, Jordan and Syria? As for the dimensions of psychological confrontation? What about the statements of the leaders of the Zionist entity that Israel will not allow any Arab country to aspire to obtain nuclear weapons?

What is the ability of Arab missiles carrying chemical and biological warheads to deter the aggressor? Is there a possibility to possess an Arab nuclear weapon? It is the right of every country to search for a deterrent to any aggression threatening it. What is the way to escape the US blockade and the Israeli threat?

Questions we have asked to Lieutenant General Saad El Shazly, Chief of Staff of the Egyptian Masha Forces in the glorious October War

What did he say?

People: We can take from the experience of Pakistan a role model. India did not leave nuclear control of South Asia as Israel did in the Middle East, and impose on the Arabs what they want and that Pakistan’s nuclear deterrence has led to stability in the South Asian region.

He said, “The information that is available to us before the nuclear explosions is carried out before the Indian nuclear explosions is that both India and Pakistan have the capabilities to make a nuclear bomb. But there is a difference between the declared information and the truth. Pakistan is in the role of assumption and statements by the Prime Minister of Pakistan that his country can conduct a nuclear explosion, we welcome this until it is done. I appeal to Pakistan not to respond to the US pressure to prevent Pakistan from carrying out nuclear explosions.

People ” published newspapers and international news agencies, the last few days statements” Shahak “expert strategic Israeli Israel’s possession of 80 targeted capitals and major cities of Arab Pakistani and Iranian nuclear facilities, the High Dam and Cairo nuclear warheads.

What is the possibility of Israel’s nuclear power to hit these targets? Will Israel can Use of nuclear power against neighboring road states?

Saad El Shazly: The problem is that we have forgotten the facts that have been known for many years. We know that since 1975 Israel has nuclear capabilities with a total explosive power of one million tons of TNT. With the knowledge of all the Arab leaders, the Arab countries must have the same possibilities that Israel possesses.

People “: What is the long – term carrying chemical warheads and biological defense to form a deterrent force Allasraialah nuclear missile capability?

General Saad El Shazly said: There is no doubt that chemical and biological weapons are strong when compared to conventional weapons, and there are international treaties that prohibit the use of nuclear weapons. As for chemical weapons to form a deterrent to Israel that makes them hesitate before using nuclear weapons, it does not have enough deterrence forces.

People: Although the United States guarantees Israel’s security and is bound by a strategic agreement, and despite the absolute Israeli superiority over all Arab countries, the United States has exerted pressure on the Arabs not to possess nuclear weapons. How can we escape the US siege and the Zionist threat?

America has the right to exert pressure on Arab countries to lead them to follow American policy. It is the right of Arab countries to reject these pressures which are not in their interest and security. I strongly criticized the decline of the Arab position as a result of US pressure on Arab countries, including Egypt, to amend its demand on the need for Israel to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT). After the signing of the treaty, the Arabs demanded guarantees that Israel would not use nuclear weapons in any war with the Arabs.

I call on the leaders of Arab and Islamic countries to take the Indian nuclear explosion as a pretext to withdraw from the NPT because this treaty only applies to the weak. Everything ..

“People”: Are there sanctions that the international community can impose on countries that decide to withdraw from the NPT?

When it comes to the security of the state and the security of the Arab nation, we should not talk about the international sanctions that can be imposed on us as a result of our commitment to the Arab security position. It is time to put these statements into effect.

Al-Shaab: What does General Saad El Shazly say about Shahak’s statements a few days ago about Israel’s directing nuclear weapons to the High Dam?

Saad El Shazly: I can not regain that pressure myself terrible and the only solution that I have a deterrent to prevent Israel from bombing the High Dam and Cairo. What deters Israel is to know that Egypt is capable of striking Tel Aviv, Jerusalem and any place in Israel, and that Egypt did not have that, I do not regain that Israel carried out any nuclear strike on Cairo and the High Dam.

Al-Shaab: From this we can predict that Israel will not abandon the nuclear option and nuclear superiority and use this weapon as an equal or pressure tool in order to force the Arab states to accept what Israel wants and actually impose what it wants under the umbrella of nuclear power.

He said that the future is in our favor and not against us. The Arab-Israeli military because of the Arab disintegration – and demanding that we sign peace solutions with Israel on the Israeli conditions that are not in the interest of the Arabs .. And tell the leaders of the Arab nation if the current generation could not cover up D Arab land usurped by the Zionist entity, let the door open to children and grandchildren to achieve this and not to sign a treaty to be close to the Israeli occupation of Arab land.

May 12 , 1998

A Hind announces conduct three nuclear tests for the first time since 1974 the United States threatening to impose broad sanctions and Pakistan is considering response

NEW DELHI: India conducted three underground nuclear tests yesterday at the Povran site in the northern state of Rajasthan, Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee said. Vajpayee said at a press conference that three explosive devices were used during the tests, the first of which was fissile, the second with low power and the third thermonuclear. May 1974 test mentions India has not announced any nuclear tests since 1974

Vajpayee said India would reevaluate its nuclear policy and would stick to the option of equipping the country with nuclear weapons. If necessary, India will not be equipped with nuclear weapons to ensure its security and sovereignty over its entire territory and unity. India conducted its first test of the missile in 1983 in the eastern port city of Orissa.

Pakistani Foreign Minister Gohar Ayub Khan condemned the Indian announcement and confirmed that it would drag Islamabad into an arms race with Nehulhi. Khan said Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was responding to the Indian declaration, adding that his country reserves the right to take appropriate measures for its security in the wake of India’s nuclear tests.

Abdul Qadir Khan, one of Pakistan’s leading nuclear scientists, said last week that if India conducted nuclear tests, his country would reciprocate within weeks.

In Washington, a State Department official said yesterday that the United States could impose broad sanctions on New Delhi after its three nuclear tests. White House spokesman Mike McCurry said it was currently impossible to assess the impact of Indian tests on the president’s visit US Secretary of State Bill Clinton to Pakistan and India this year, said the US administration has begun to discuss possible sanctions against New Delhi and Canadian Foreign Minister Lloyd Axorne said Indian nuclear tests would dominate the G8 summit. Z city Bermnhaam British next week.

Another US official said his country was deeply disappointed and would contact the Pakistani government to urge restraint over the tests, which he described as unfortunate.

The New Delhi government has refused to sign the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and ban nuclear tests, arguing that major nuclear powers are discriminatory against other countries. The Indian government