Saad El Shazly the Iraqi Resistance has The Ability to Destroy the Petroleum Lines. Interview with Al-Wafd Newspaper

4 December 2006

Team Saad El Shazly’s delegation: the Iraqi resistance is able to blow up the oil lines team Saad El Shazly confirmed the team Saad El Shazly that no military force to protect oil wells and lines that extend to more than a thousand full – kilometers. He explained that the process of bombing it is not impossible. He added that the Iraqi resistance is able to implement its threats to blow up oil lines and wells. Saad El Shazly said in statements to the delegation that the occupation army in Iraq is unable to protect oil wells, because that would be at the expense of Iraqi internal security. He explained that the occupation forces cannot take full control of Iraq after the occupation forces incurred the losses that occurred at the beginning of the Iraq-US war.

Saad El Shazly said: The United States has used all of its cards in Iraq and this is evident from the focus on Iraqi civilian targets. This is not new for America with a black history of beating and killing civilians.

He added that the invasion of Iraq was aimed at seizing Iraqi oil and this is what the Iraqis understood and ignited the resistance.

Saad El Shazly said: The United States is trying to involve the United Nations in Iraq for fear of its troops inside Iraq after the withdrawal of some troops loyal to the invasion, and that the coming days will be more difficult for the Anglo-American occupation army.

Lt. Gen. Saad El Shazly, former chief of staff of the armed forces, said that the coming days will be black for the US occupation forces. Saad El Shazly stressed the ability of the Iraqi resistance to blow up the oil pipelines after the inability of America to protect. Saad El Shazly said the focus on killing soldiers and officers was aggravating the United States. The best military strategy to deal with the occupation is the policy of “strike and disappear,” Saad El Shazly said.

Saad El Shazly warned in the dialogue with him on the third page «delegation» of the handover of power to the Iraqis in the presence of US occupation forces. Shazli said the United States could not control Iraq after its forces suffered heavy losses from Iraqi resistance.

He said America was now acting in Iraq in a random manner and focused on civilian targets. Saad El Shazly called the leaders of the Iraqi resistance to following the guerrilla-style and warned them to be a regular war between two armies but must be popular and irregular so the enemy does not know when and where the strike will come.

Dialogue by Fatima bin Abdullah Alkray.